In Toowoomba Today

In Toowoomba Today is Power TV Australia’s premier political and local events show.

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In Toowoomba Today (I.T.T.) is Power TV Australia’s premier political and local events program. This program is designed to give Toowoomba residents an inside look into the politics and workings of the Toowoomba Regional Council.
In addition to Local politics and events, “In Toowoomba Today” will follow State politics and politicians.  We’ll bring you breaking news on the Queensland political scene along with interviews and discussions with Toowoomba’s State Government representatives and politicians.
We’ll also bring you engaging interviews with Council personalities, workers and Councillors.  We’ll talk to them about their lives outside of Council and politics, what interested them in politics and what their role or portfolio is.We’ll keep you up-to-date with all the latest developments, events and personalities that you’ve elected to run the Toowoomba Regional Council along with interviews and reports from State and Federal Government.
When there are Council-sponsored events or announcements, we’ll be there to report on them for you.
ITT will also bring the latest events and happenings in and around the region. We’ll follow all the latest happenings including the Carnival of Flowers, Council-sponsored events, local markets, shows, community events and business shows and many more. We’ll cover the Mothers’ Day Classic, the Toowoomba Business Expo, Margaret Street Markets, Christmas Wonderland and more. Some of these events will be live simulcast with our radio partner, Power FM and some will be telecast replays.
Be sure to follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn and join our Power TV Australia business page for all the latest news and updates. ITT is designed to keep you up to date with the region, so be sure to engage with us and keep following what’s happening in Toowoomba and the rest of the region.
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